Originating in Oxford, Smartstream Ltd. was set up in 1998, consisting of two employees, Geoff Young and Caroline Young.

The company started providing expertise in the area of AS400 application development and maintenance, before moving into the world of Microsoft software development technology.

In 2005 Smartstream also started to provide writing and editorial expertise.


Geoff Young   Linked In

Geoff graduated in Metallurgical Sciences from Cardiff University and began his working life as a secondary school science teacher. Since re-training in 1987, he has forged a successful career in IT. Geoff has worked for a wide variety of companies, successfully taking on development, managerial and team-leading roles, before founding Smartstream Ltd. Past employers include Elizabeth Arden, Laura Ashley and CPM. A flexible and assiduous software application developer, Geoff is skilled at adapting his expertise to the task at hand, and to responding to precise client needs. Attention to detail, commitment and the highest of standards also transfer into Geoff’s interests outside work. Geoff has a keen interest in several martial arts, achieving a black belt in Goju Ryu karate.

Able to work well both as a solo developer/troubleshooter or as part of a team, Geoff has a huge range of skills and experience to offer, and is keen to broaden his knowledge and experience.

Caroline Young   Linked In

A graduate in English Literature from Cambridge University, Caroline spent the early years of her career as a teacher in a secondary school. She used this experience when taking up a role in children's publishing, working as an author/editor for the prestigious Usborne Publishing, based in London. After several years working in-house, she became a freelance writer, working from home, and has written almost 25 titles for Usborne to date, about a wide variety of subjects. For each title, she was also the project manager, responsible for planning, writing, editing and liaising with designers and illustrators. Skills displayed include the ability to work to schedule, to length, to brief and with accuracy and flair.

Moving to Anglesey saw her diversify, offering her writing expertise to businesses, writing informational and marketing material. She also cast a consultative eye over a recent title produced by Constable Publishing, 'Consumer Kids', as she had written several books about parenting issues and was perceived as an expert in the field. She now feels able to write for any client, about any subject, in any style they require.