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The Gym at the Greek Taverna


The gym is located at the back of the Greek Taverna in Upper Bangor. The two main walls of the gym are mirrored, which can be a great boost to learning, allowing participants to view themselves when practicing routines. The gym has optional padded mats, making it ideal for any sports or activities where a "soft landing is needed". The gym is also equipped with a punch bag, a kick bag, and other equipment. It may be possible to hire the Gym before 6pm on a weekday, and at any time at the weekends.

On weekday evenings the gym is used for the teaching of martial arts, namely karate and wing chun. The instructor for these classes is George Politis, who holds the position of 5th dan shukokai karate.

Gym timetable

Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
7 - 8pm wing chun karate kids wing chun karate kids
8 - 9.30pm wing chun karate adults wing chun karate adults

Book the Gym

If you are interested in booking the gym, please contact George Politis on 01248 354991 or 07792 310567.

Click here if you are interested in finding out more about wing chun or karate at the Greek Taverna Gym.

Where to find us

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